Who We Are

We exist to glorify Christ and exhibit a passion for God.  We believe that God is calling,
and the Holy Spirit is empowering us to change our world through Jesus Christ
by making disciples who love one another in community.

What We're All About

In short, we are all about LOVE. CHANGE. TOGETHER. IN CHRIST.
We seek to love one another in authentic community formed by Christ in such a way that our world will see the transformative grace of God extended to it.
Come check us out on a Sunday–we’ll have some coffee for you, and there’ll be plenty of folks to welcome you.

Our Core Values

Toward God

  • Christ is the center of our lives
  • Exalt Christ in everything we do
  • Renew our hearts through joyful worship
  • Open only to God’s calling
  • Seek God through Scripture
  • Sustained by the Holy Spirit
  • Relevant, Bible teaching

Toward Each Other

  • Build relationships through service and outreach
  • Involved with, and bringing hope to, today’s families
  • Demonstrate God’s love through love for others
  • Grow our relationship with God through prayer

Meet Our Leaders

Click a title to learn more about our leadership.

Church Staff

Our staff consists of quality women and men who have been called and gifted for specific ministry. While we oversee particular ministries, we operate as a team, seeking together to hear the voice of God and to be led by the Holy Spirit in all we do. Our motto here is: “People are not interruptions to our work; they are our work.” Feel free to drop in; we’d love to meet you in person.


To assist our staff in ministering to our body, we have a group of leaders whose role is to provide spiritual counsel, pastoral care, and biblical instruction to those who gather here. In addition, they provide loving accountability to the staff, and ensure appropriate ministerial systems are in place. These men, along with their wives, commit to a four year term of service. They are called “shepherds” because the Bible often described leaders within the community as such. At CrossBridge, we see titles as “verbs” not “nouns.” Through an emphasis on relationship, our shepherds desire that everyone at CrossBridge is known and cared for.

Ministry Leaders

In addition to our shepherds, we have a number of women and men who focus on particular areas of ministry. They ensure that we have the appropriate type and number of ministries, and are responsible for the functionality of the ministries under their care. This ministry structure seeks to involve every member in a ministry that fits his or her gifting. At CrossBridge, we believe that everyone has a gift and that God has called each of us to express that gift for the kingdom’s sake. For us, “membership” means “ministry.”

Small Groups

Women and men who lead our small groups are an integral part of our church life. Small Group Leaders provide opportunities for regular gatherings and facilitate meaningful relationships within our church community. Under their direction, our Small Groups provide space to wrestle with real struggles and focus on developing a deeper relationship with God and with one another.