Adult Education

Interactive Bible Classes

We believe that scripture is God’s self-disclosure, having revealed his essence through the sacred writings. Followers of Jesus are to take the biblical text seriously, seeking not only to understand its initial meaning, but also to determine how we make application of these ancient texts to our contemporary setting. We recognize that God wrapped his self-disclosure in human garb, over 1600 years in different geo-political, cultural and linguistic contexts. At CrossBridge, we realize biblical interpretation is a complex process and one that must be done in community.

Our interactive bible classes are designed to assist participants in better understanding the cultural context of scripture and to, in conversation with others, wrestle with how we live out the principles expressed within the bible. Led by quality women and men, these classes are informative, challenging, and enjoyable. They provide contexts in which serious conversations informed by scripture occur, and these classes encourage open dialogue among participants. If you have kids, they have age-appropriate classes waiting for them so you can freely experience one of these classes. Come on. Jump in. You’ll enjoy the journey!

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Adult Learning Opportunities

Join us for one of these informative and challenging learning opportunities on Sunday mornings. If you’d like to know more:

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