Life Song

How LifeSong Works

CrossBridge is a worshipping community. While we encourage and embrace a variety of worshipping expressions, we cherish our heritage as a people who sing. Singing is component of worship. However, we take seriously and embrace joyfully the witness of the songs we sing.

We recognize not everyone has the gift of music or singing, but those who do we encourage to consider being a part of LifeSong. The best way to do that is to come to our very low key singing class on Wednesday nights downstairs in the room by the front doors. If it ends up being a good fit and you have the time and capacity necessary to participate well, then we will begin putting you in our Sunday line-ups. Our singers lead on stage and are positioned in parts using hand-held microphones. We do our best to schedule our singers no more than twice a month, though we appreciate flexibility on this as seasons change and people get busy.

Come check it out if you are interested!

What You Should Expect From LifeSong

Participating in LifeSong is a privilege and honor. 

Members of LifeSong can expect

  • Opportunities once a month or more to sing in the “up-front” LifeSong lineup.
  • More opportunities each week in rehearsals to sing, learn new songs, re-learn old songs, experiment with new musical arrangements, and to share, enjoy one another’s company, have fun, and pray.
  • Support, in the form of a broad range of resources.  You are not required to read sheet music! We utilize a program called Planning Center in which we provide sheet music, recordings, and other arrangements to help in learning the songs we sing. Upon signing the “LifeSong Agreement” and becoming a regular volunteer with us, you will receive the login information from Zach Brantley.
  • Never to be embarrassed—no one will ever be intentionally embarrassed or “put on the spot” to do something for which they are not realistically prepared.
  • Retreats to recharge spiritual and ministerial batteries.
  • Satisfaction and the whole range of emotions that come from being part of ministry—a strong feeling of responsibility and of making a difference in peoples’ lives (in some cases an eternal difference) by directly influencing the quality of praise and worship in the Lord’s church at CrossBridge.
  • Growth—in singing ability, in appreciation for worship and service, in love for a small group of special servants with a common gift and love of music, and in love for the Lord.
  • Mutual accountability—in LifeSong mutual expectations are high and growing, that each member do his or her best, “all for HIS glory.”

What LifeSong Expects From You

Below are the tenets of a simple “LifeSong Covenant” which is asked of each participant:

  • Continue to learn, grow and mature as a disciple of Jesus
  • Really worship God, and not merely sing notes
  • Adequately prepare for rehearsals and services by taking time to practice on my own time as needed
  • Report to rehearsals, soundchecks, and services on time
  • Dress modestly, appropriately and professionally for services to avoid being a distraction to others
  • Respond promptly to emails from Zach Brantley, Melinda Gargiulo, or others regarding scheduling by blocking out dates on Planning Center
  • Communicate need for a substitute to Zach Brantley as quickly as possible in the event a conflict arises
  • Consider the responsibility and weightiness of serving in the capacity
  • Have a heart for worship

If you are interested in singing with LifeSong, please contact Zach Brantley (