We look at missions from a holistic perspective, one that includes the spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of humanity. A historic foundational text is: “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind” (Matthew 22:37). For us, missions involve not only sharing the Gospel message, but embodying that message with practical acts of grace. Also, while we are involved in foreign missions, we believe that the mission field begins at our door.

Mission Lazarus, Honduras

Mission Lazarus addresses missions from a holistic perspective. The primary emphasis of Mission Lazarus is the spiritual formation of the human being. As an integral part of this process, Mission Lazarus addresses the academic, vocational, and economic issues faced by those living in developing countries. Folks from CrossBridge travel to Mission Lazarus to participate in God’s amazing work in Honduras.

Campus House

The Campus House has served students in the Greater Birmingham Area for more than two decades. It sits a few blocks south of the UAB campus and hosts gatherings, worship, small groups, weekly meals, campfires, and a place to connect. It is a big, old house sitting on the corner of 13th Ave. S and 15th St. S serving  as the gathering place, worship facility, ministry office, and center of our campus outreach.

Missions Opportunities

Would you like to join us in one of these ministries, or could we give you more information? If so, contact:

Cary Cavender, Ministry Leader
Call our office at (205) 991-1978