Women’s Ministry


Women and men bear the full image of God. While both comprise the original “man” (humanity) in Genesis 1:26-27, each expresses this image uniquely. In this recognition, our women’s ministry seeks to assist women in living into their God-created, full potential and to provide opportunities that address unique issues faced by them. Through studies, prayer and conversation groups, as well as service opportunities, our Women’s Ministry provides unique spaces for women to connect and grow in their faith together.


For more information or to become more involved, contact:

Sheryl Phillips, Ministry Leader     sncphil@bellsouth.net

Communications:          Leah Eagle                                      leaheagle@gmail.com
Connections:                   Annette Henderson         ahenderson2994@charter.net
Education:                       Jessica Clement              jessicaclement83@gmail.com
Missions/Outreach:      Joan Bishop                                 joanbishop@gmail.com
Events/Activities:            Sarah Gilliland                             sgilliland87@gmail.com
Kitchen                             Lisa Dodson                                 jagmom83@gmail.com