Youth Ministry

Welcome to CrossBridge Youth Group!

We don’t consider ourselves to be the “church of tomorrow”; we are the “church of today”! Rather than sequestering ourselves as an isolated group within our church, we purposefully seek to integrate into the larger body. We seek guidance from those who have experienced life, and they welcome our input as we seek to embody Christ in our current culture. Come on, check us out! You’ll be welcome here.

Who We Are

CrossBridge Youth Ministry is a special part of the CrossBridge Family. We offer a special space for students, grades 6-12, to “Love, Change, Together, In Christ” in their own unique way. We invite students to experience God in community. God has not called us to be independent, but dependent on Him and the people he has placed in our lives.

Most of all, we laugh loud, hard, and often. Nothing is more fun than serving God with people you love!

We also serve as a resource to assist parents in Godly leadership of their students in and outside of youth functions. And we act as an avenue for those who have been called to serve this age group, offering an opportunity for them to pour into our teens.

Life in CBYG Includes:

  • Weekly Bible studies
  • Regular devotionals
  • Retreats
  • White water rafting
  • Service projects
  • Small groups
  • Meaningful Worship Experiences
  • And more
Noah Merritt
Youth Minister
"The Church has played a huge role in my life. God’s assembled children have been my community and my home since I was a child. My parents embedded a deep appreciation for the church and a desire to serve its members in the hearts of my three younger siblings and me. Those roots began to produce fruit when I started to discern a calling to vocational ministry when I was about thirteen years old. My youth minister created some opportunities for me to teach my peers and step into leadership roles in a church setting. In those moments, I experienced God’s presence in overwhelming and undeniable ways. I felt God slowly begin to fill me with a passion to pastor His Church.
I followed this calling to Lipscomb University, where I was able to cultivate my own unique relationship with God.
Today, I am seeking to put my faith (and my degree) to work  by investing into the students here at Crossbridge.  I am seeking to be a channel through which God’s love, truth, wisdom, peace, and joy can impact the lives of His beloved children. Specifically, I hope to be an avenue through which God can move to enable middle and high school students to find their sense of identity and purpose in Him."
Noah grew up just outside of Nashville, TN and has a degree in Theology and Ministry with minors in Spanish and Biblical Greek. He and his wife, Selin, began serving at CrossBridge in February 2020. He enjoys disc golf, reading, ultimate frisbee, board games, and sitcoms.

Our Leaders

Noah provides the day-to-day guidance of our Youth Ministry. With his unique talents, along with a number of volunteers, he nurtures the spiritual formation of our youth. Noah seeks to provide meaningful, in-depth Bible studies, worship experiences, and fun activities whose ultimate purpose is to more fully connect our youth to one another in Christ. His ultimate goal is to develop our youth into genuine followers of Jesus who can also make disciples of others.

Shepherd Team

As supports to Noah, we have two shepherds who work closely with this ministry. David Brady, and Brad Troxler, bring a wealth of life experience and have worked with our youth for several years.

CrossTrainer Team

Also, we have a great group of volunteers consisting of parents, college students, and gifted CrossBridge members that help lead events and activities. Each of these individuals have unique gifts and abilities that God has given them, and they choose to share those by serving our students.